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09.04.2024 update:

i feel like no one even cares about me. why am i still alive anyway?

02.04.2024 update:

harro ehrinyan! i recently reached my first hundred subscribers on youtube, and im very happy. here's an animation that i uploaded on bitview too(new layout!)

03.03.2024 update:

boy.. haven't been here in a while, huh.. its just after midnight as of writing this.

I honestly have no idea what to do with this site anymore. In this moment, i feel... useless, again. But i guess that's what i created this page and blog for.

anyways.. i've recently been into animal crossing. and especially wild world from ds. i'll add my town name and friend code on "about me" page.. yeah. see yall later i guess

30.01.2024 UPDATE:

Hello, its me again! And! I have a flipnote here!

(oh hey it fits)

16.01.2024 UPDATE:

Waasup internet! i got a 3ds as a nuw yeer prezent! hope yur yeer iz guna bi gud! UwU

30.12.2023 UPDATE:

hallo everinyan! hepi nuw yeer in advanc! il update tha yeer at the botomm now!

22.12.2023 UPDATE:

Halo pipl! i fil laik its tuu hard for mi tu understend css, sory if i wil upset sum.. i fil its tu hard.. if i abandun dis.. wel, it waz fun at least :c

13.12.2023 UPDATE 2:

so, i recenty finishd da animation, so tubmlr yutub
vancedventures episode 3 preview pic

13.12.2023 UPDATE:

i movd sum stuf tu in hir, i hop zat is gud :3

09.12.2023 UPDATE:

hallo everyone, i added background and these... things witht bordars!

also i think i might need some help with this site, soo.. my tumblr, my dms are open, so if some kind person wud laik to help, ples help me ;w;

01.12.2023 UPDATE:

haaai, i've forgotten a littel about this, so sowwy

but i'm learning japanese! i think im doin gud!

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